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The science of selling is to direct your prospects thoughts.

You need no special powers or magical abilities. You have had the tool all your life. Just ask another human being a question and you direct their thoughts wherever you want. This is the core of selling like a master.

While some professionals think it indignant to sell, it's because they don't even know what selling really is. You can just see the CPA or attorney turning their nose up at a "sales person." They think selling is about convincing or closing techniques or persuasion.

These are elementary and naive perceptions. Selling is helping another human being direct their thoughts along the appropriate path so that the correct solutions become clear to them. There's no convincing or persuading involved--simply enlightenment. The power is in knowing the right questions to ask at the right time.

Any financial advisor or related professional can learn this skill in just a few hours, and gain mastery within days.

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