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The average financial professional is not successful financially. Most have clients with net worth that exceed their own.

Yet, they have the arrogance to believe they can tell others how to handle their financial affairs. This group includes stockbrokers, insurance agents, CPAs, attorneys and money managers.

However, the professional who focuses on their technical competence, on the technical issues, is misguided. Their technical competence is a foregone conclusion or they should get out of the business (i.e if your doctor is not technically competent, should he even have a license to practice)?

Therefore, the real success of a professional is :

  1. client acquisition because without clients, the greatest technician in the world will still go broke and help no one

  2. have our clients take the right action—not an issue of the correct technical answers, but an issue of the right human interaction. When you master the science of selling (it's not an art), you have an abundance of business and you make a bigger positive contribution for more people.

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