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Ask the right questions to have your prospects take the right actions.

The master sales person never makes assumptions. He asks questions and determine's what makes a person take action:

Mrs. Smith, I noticed that you paid $30,000 in income taxes. Does that irritate you? (sales masters want to know how their prospects feel emotionally).

Yes, it's terrible. Is there anything I can do?

What do you have in mind? (a master never gets trapped answering questions early because the person asking the questions controls the conversation)

Are there some investments or things I can change financially?

Let's assume there were. Let's assume that we could reduce your taxes by half and save you $15,000 a year. What impact would that have for you?

Well I'd be $15,000 richer!

So what—what would you do with the money, how would it impact your life?

(after several seconds of thought) I would take my grandchildren on a cruise over the holidays.

Where would you go?

I'd take them on the Disney cruise.

How do you think that would impact them?

I think they would remember it forever, long after I'm gone.

Does this sound like something we should pursue together then?

Yes, can you help me make that a reality? Tell me about the solutions.

Notice that we have a prospect that is asking, is eager for the solutions. There will be no convincing or persuading this prospect to take action.

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